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Russell Brand’s bodyguards may be idiots


Photographers have claimed
Russell Brand looked on as
his bodyguards attacked
them in India –
just hours before the
comedian is due to wed,
reports 1:00 PM
October 22nd, 2010.

The news snappers claimed
the heavies pounced as they
followed Russell and his party
through a well-known
safari park.
And they said the bodyguards
left them stranded in the park –
home to tigers,
leopards and hyenas –
unable to start the engine
of their jeep.

Russell is due to marry
Katy Perry on Saturday in
a ceremony close to the
Ranthambhore National Park,
which is 80 miles from
Jaipur in Rajasthan.
The four photographers –
from Associated Press,
Reuters, Agence France-Presse
and the Hindustan Times –
were taking pictures of the
comic and actor.
They claimed they were
following about 100 metres
behind two jeeps carrying
Brand and others.
AP photographer Mustafa Quraishi
said one of the two guards –
both of whom had British accents –
approached their vehicle punched
the driver in the face and grabbed
the keys.
Quraishi said he jumped out
of the jeep to try to retrieve
the keys,
but the bodyguard attacked him,
punching him repeatedly,
breaking his glasses,
smashing and taking his
camera flash and leaving him
with a cut on his arm.
Two of the other photographers
came to his aid, Quraishi said,
but the other guard began
hitting them,
leaving one with a
bleeding head wound.

They claimed Russell
watched the incident.

The alleged attackers were
then said to have driven away
leaving them stranded,
although park rangers later
retrieved the keys from the
guards’ driver.
was arrested at a Los Angeles
airport in September for allegedly
assaulting a photographer,
and he was released on
20,000 dollars bail.

The case is still pending.
____(UPDATE OCT 23rd)



____“Katy N’  me platonic
____friends only Russell
______don’t send thugs”

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