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Democratic Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – Part TWO of EIGHT


Democrat Dirty

A Primer on

Stealing Elections

By Ed Lansky

____October 7th, 2010


_Links are in GREEN

-.Part TWO of EIGHT



Democrats are reaching
into their bag of tricks.

They are going beyond
garden-variety tactics
such as push polls and
their own records,
and even identities
(including stripping
their party designation,
the Scarlet D,
hiding the fact that
they are incumbents;
denying one’s paternity,
as in the case of Harry Reid’s son,
who went the way of Cher during
his campaign and used just
his first name,
and their own votes on ObamaCare
and the stimulus;
pledging to vote to repeal
ObamaCare and extend tax cuts
for one and all;
misrepresenting the
views of their opponents;
as Blue Dogs despite being
Pelosi Lapdogs).

of course,
they are postponing ethics trials
of prominent Democrats until
after November 2.

Democrats have also been very
busy keeping initiatives regarding
ObamaCare off state ballots,
fearful of giving citizens an even
greater reason to go to the polls.

Jobs were offered to weak
Democratic candidates to take
them out of the running so stronger
candidates would have the field
to themselves —
a violation of federal laws
that clearly will be part of
the Issa inquiry.

That is old school.

Desperate times call
for desperate measures,
and we are beginning to see the
Democrats start to rely on
“dirty tricks” to spoil the fun
(because if you have to run
from the policies that are
destroying your party’s popularity,
you have to resort to all means,
fair and foul —
and mostly foul —
to win).

Politics is war by another means,
and when the Democrats are led
by the Cook County Gang
that could not play straight,
all sorts of tactics will emerge.

Let’s take a tour across the
political landscape and catch
some highlights.

The Department
of Justice

Under what used to be
our system of government,
the Department of Justice was
charged with maintaining the
integrity and honesty of the
voting process.

Since Eric Holder
became Attorney General,
the DOJ has become a political
tool to protect Democrats.

ACORN and other community
organizing groups that have
engaged in a nationwide pattern
of voting abuse have seemingly
all but escaped the attention
of the DOJ.

The New Black Panther Party’s
videotaped example of voter
intimidation has been given
a pass by the Department —
a scandal that has brought
forth responsible lawyers in
the DOJ to testify about
race-based policies of the
political appointees heading
up the Civil Rights division.

The DOJ has also pressured
communities to change their
election rules to boost the number
of likely Democratic voters —
as the DOJ did with the city of
regarding back voters and
as they did in Ohio to boost the
number of Puerto Rican voters.



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