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Democratic Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – Part SEVEN of EIGHT

Democrat Dirty
A Primer on
Stealing Elections

By Ed Lansky

____October 7th, 2010


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Democratic Senator Max Baucus
has used his power as the chairman
of the Senate Finance Committee
a panoply of groups that can
be considered part of the
Tea Party movement,
and —
lest we forget —
Barack Obama ominously
“joked” about siccing the IRS
on people while he planned to
expand the ranks of IRS agents
prepared to audit us into submission.

Liberal watchdog groups
make noise by calling for the
linked to Karl Rove.

The more chaff in the air,
the more the Democrats
distract people from the
Democrats’ collective record.

Democrats uphold the First
Amendment when flags are
burned and brandish it when
Muslims want a mosque built
near the 9/11 site —
but they try to chill free speech
when people want to express
their views towards Democrats.

(Hence Barack Obama’s
disgraceful attack against
the Citizens United decision
during the State of the Union
when Democrats want
our opinions,
they will give us them.)

These efforts have been
defeated for the most part.

The charges of racism
leveled by Democratic
Congressman Emanuel Cleaver,
who said he was spit upon by
Tea Party members,
led to the offer by Andrew
Breitbart of a $100,000 reward
for any evidence that such an
attack took place.

None has surfaced,
and videos of the event where
this supposedly had happened

The Koch brothers
have been pilloried,
but when information apparently
taken from their confidential
tax records was made public,
an investigation into possible
abuse of IRS information was
launched by an inspector general.

Others have challenged the
hypocrisy of Democrats turning
the Kochs into piñatas by
highlighting the role of
George Soros,
the sugar daddy of
the Democratic Party.

For every Karl Rove claim,
one can be made about the
maestro of astroturf groups,
David Axelrod —
Obama campaign strategist-turned-
chief domestic policy advisor.

there are trickier and more
dishonest tactics being used
by Democrats as they tamper
with Tea Party.

In fact,
black ops against the Tea Party
are happening throughout
the nation —
a vast left-wing conspiracy.

A counter-“people’s movement”
called the Coffee Party was
launched last February and
already has seemingly flopped,
embarrassing the media which
eagerly hyped it at its debut.

Groups have been formed by the
aforementioned George Soros to
meant to expose extremism
and racism in the Tea Party.

Will this racism charge stick
if liberals plant agent provocateurs
at rallies —
as they already have done by
infiltrating Tea Party rallies
to give the impression they
are rallies for racists?

A plant,
a crude KKK-like sign or T-shirt,
and a camera crew —
snap, crackle,
and pop:
the Tea Party morphs
into neo-Nazis.




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