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Democratic Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – Part FIVE of EIGHT



Democrat Dirty
A Primer on
Stealing Elections

By Ed Lansky

____October 7th, 2010


_Links are in GREEN

.-Part FIVE of EIGHT

A determined group of activists
can gin up a controversy and
rely on the echo chamber
outlets in the media to broaden
and magnify the smear
(see Fred Barnes’ superb article,
“The Colorado Model:
The Democrats Plan for
Turning Red States Blue,”
for a template of how this
strategy successfully worked
in that state).

Perhaps one of the worst
purveyors of smears
(and other assorted dirty tricks,
as will be seen below)
is the bombastic Democratic
Congressman Alan Grayson,
when he failed to depict his
opponent Dan Webster as a
Vietnam War draft-dodger,
resorted to the video chop shop
and patched together a video
portraying Webster as
Taliban Dan concerning
his views of women —
an effort that would make
Michael Moore proud
(but seems to have backfired
by its sheer clumsiness).

The smears will become
worse in the days ahead —
whether it is a fake controversy
involving the Republican
candidate for Governor of
California Meg Whitman’s
former housekeeper or the
making of phone calls
mischaracterizing the positions
of Republican candidates
(as Democrats did regarding
Scott Brown’s pro-life position
in Massachusetts before that
important election for
the people’s seat —
formerly known as the
“Kennedy seat”).

Gossip sells —
especially when it is
supercharged by Democrats
lapdogs in the so-called
mainstream media.

A common tactic has been
to try to link Democrat opponents
to Wall Street and the mortgage
long-time Democratic dinosaur
John Dingell even tried to link
his Republican opponent,
a cardiologist,
to Wall Street.




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