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Sophist Obama pulls the “Do you still beat you’re wife?” routine on Republicans


At a political rally in

Maryland last week,

Obama said,

“So groups that receive

foreign money are spending

huge sums to influence

American elections,

and they won’t tell you

where the money for

their ads come from.”

The Obama administration

does not have a shred of

evidence to prove this is true,

but that has never stopped

Democrats in the past from

saying anything to win

an election.

The Chamber immediately

denied the report,

explaining that its strict

accounting procedures keep

foreign and domestic

contributions separate.

Denunciations that the

allegations appear groundless

have spanned the

political spectrum.

The New York Times on

Monday stated flatly in

a news article:

“The Democrats have

offered no evidence that

the Chamber is using

foreign money to influence

the elections.”

On Sunday’s

“Face the Nation” program,

White House senior adviser

David Axelrod conceded that

the administration has no

facts to support its claim,

while not backing off on

the president’s implication

that the Chamber may have

violated U.S. laws.


When ABC host Bob Schieffer

asked whether he had any

evidence to support

the charge,

Axelrod shot back:


do you have any

evidence it’s not

[true] Bob?”

Schieffer’s replied

by asking Axelrod:

“Is that the best

you can do?”

(Typical “Do you

still beat your wife”

sophist wordplay)

To read the story,

clink the link below –


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