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Time Will Stop in 3.7 billion years: Joe Biden to blame Republican Party – Part ONE of TWO


Will Stop

in 3.7

Billion Years

_____October 4th, 2010

By Vechemaya Moskva


Time will stop in 3.7 billion

years – English pravda.ru

Part ONE of TWO


A group of physicists from the

United States and Japan

argued that,

according to their calculations,

there is a 50% probability that

the time will ”cease to flow”

in the next 3.7 billion years.


other theorists are extremely

skeptical about their conclusions,

calling the authors “sophists.”





















The universe was formed

approximately 13 billion years ago

as a result of the  Big Bang and

since then continuously expanded.


all data from the observable part

of space suggest that this expansion

is accelerated,

which means that the universe

will expand indefinitely.

Rafael Bousso of the Center

for Theoretical Physics,

University of California at Berkeley

and his colleagues rebelled against

the idea. In their article posted in

the electronic library at Cornell


they claim that the infinitely

expanding universe cannot

exist because the laws of

physics do not work in

infinite space.

For these laws to

make at least some sense,

the universe must be finite,

and they calculated the most

probable date when it will end.

Endless inflation

(expansion of the universe)

has several important consequences.

Any event in it,

which has non-zero probability,

will happen an infinite number

of times,

the scientists say.

But if there is an infinite number

of each possible observation,

it becomes impossible to determine

the probability of any event.

The laws of physics simply

do not apply to this situation.

The only way out

of this conundrum,

the authors of the article say,

is to assume some type of

disaster that would

end the universe.


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