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Is Aspartame Killing Glenn Beck? – Part TWO of THREE


Warning to

Glenn Beck:

Don’t Drink

Diet Coke

By Kurt Nemo

____October 9th, 2010


Warning to Glenn Beck:

Don’t Drink Diet Coke

-__Part TWO of THREE

Here’s what Glenn

Beck needs to know —

aspartame is linked

to blindness.

It is made up of 50%


40% aspartic acid and 10%

methyl alcohol.

Methyl alcohol

inevitably affects vision.

Back when the government

imposed prohibition on the country,

thousands of people went blind

due to the use of wood

alcohol/methanol in spirits.

The late Dr. Morgan Raiford,

a specialist in methanol toxicity,

warned about the danger of

blindness associated with the

consumption of aspartame.


“This product [NutraSweet]

has some highly toxic reactions

in the human visual pathway

and we are beginning to observe

the tragic damage to

the optic nerve,

such as blindness,

partial to total optic

nerve atrophy.”

“Once this destructive process

has developed there is no

return of visual restoration,”

Raiford wrote in an

aspartame factsheet.

“When this drug enters

the digestive tract,

largely the upper portion [the]

aspartame molecule spins off a

by product known as methanol

or methyl-alcohol.”


is an extremely

powerful neurotoxin.”

“It can produce blindness,

it can produce cellular destruction

in the brain and spinal cord in

particular the optic nerves that

has to do with our vision,”

the neurosurgeon

Dr. Russell Blaylock

explained during

a radio interview.

In his book,

Health and Nutrition Secrets

That Can Save Your Life,

Dr. Blaylock discusses a study

explaining why diabetics who

drink large amounts of aspartame

drinks are more likely to go blind.

Diabetic retinopathy is a

leading cause of blindness.

In addition to blindness,

a report produced by the

Department of Health and

Human Services lists over 90

symptoms related to



migraine headaches,





muscle spasms,

weight gain,







vision problems,

hearing loss,

heart palpitations,

breathing difficulties,

anxiety attacks,

slurred speech,

loss of taste,



memory loss,

and joint pain.




Protecting Readers



Aspartame links in GREEN
















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