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Is Aspartame Killing Glenn Beck? – Part ONE of THREE


Warning to

Glenn Beck:

Don’t Drink

Diet Coke


By Kurt Nemo

____October 9th, 2010


Warning to Glenn Beck:

Don’t Drink Diet Coke

__-Part ONE of THREE


On Friday,

Glenn Beck announced on his

radio show that he will be taking

a brief leave of absence for

medical reasons.

“There is something

wrong with my voice,

and we’re not sure what it is,”

Beck said,

according to a transcript

on his website.

“They’re going to be doing

CAT scans and MREs or MRIs

and PET scans and they’re going

to be doing blood work like crazy.”

In July,

the Fox News host admitted that

he is suffering from macular


an eye disorder that

causes vision loss.

“Yes, I have a problem

with my eyes,”

Beck told an audience

of 6,000 in Salt Lake City.

“A couple of weeks ago,

I went to the doctor

because I can’t focus my eyes …

So I went to the best doctor

I could find…

he did all kinds of tests,

and he said I have

macular dystrophy.”

Glenn Beck may not know it,

but it is almost certain he is

another victim of Rumsfeld Plague.

On September 29,

the New York Times published

a long article about Beck.

“His Mormonism forbids coffee,

but he consumes a lot of Diet

Coke and chocolate,”

writes Mark Leibovich.

Coca-Cola began putting

the “sugar substitute” aspartame

in Diet Coke in 1982.

According to the Department

of Health and Human Services,

aspartame accounts for over 75

percent of the adverse reactions to

food additives reported to the FDA.

Many of these reactions are

very serious including seizures

and death.

In 1999,

the Independent on Sunday

discovered that the maker of



uses genetically engineered

bacteria to produce the “sweetener”

at its U.S. production plants.

Aspartame is made by

combining phenylalanine,

which is naturally produced

by bacteria,

with another amino acid.

To make the bacteria

produce more phenylalanine,

Monsanto has genetically

engineered them.





chemical companies are using

genetically engineered bacteria

in their manufacturing process

without telling the public,”

said Dr. Erik Millstone,

of the Science Policy Research

Unit at Sussex University,

and a member of the National

Food Alliance,

told the newspaper.




Protecting Readers



Aspartame links in GREEN
















One Response to “Is Aspartame Killing Glenn Beck? – Part ONE of THREE”

  1. Beck has a problem with the media’s 9/11 cover-up.
    Glenn Beck knows all about the new 9/11 evidence.
    Building Seven.
    Twin Towers.

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