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Liberal Media having a torrid affair with Obama – Part TWO of TWO



Trucks encircle
Challenge ‘Liberal’
Media to
‘Tell The Truth’

By Michael W. Chapman

____October 4th, 2010


__Part TWO of TWO
In Washington, D.C.,
there are also 12 delivery trucks
with an identical message.

But, as rented ad space,
they will run their daily
routes in the metro area.

Six trucks are also scheduled
to run in Denver, Colo.

The MRC launched the 2010
“Tell The Truth!” campaign in
September and,
in addition to the truck ads,
the watchdog group is running
similar ads on the conservative
Web sites RushLimbaugh.com,
The Drudge Report and

the MRC is posting billboard
ads of its “Tell the Truth!”
message in nine cities,
including Pittsburgh,
Little Rock, Las Vegas,
Dallas, Orlando, Seattle
and Milwaukee.

TV ads will be broadcast on Fox
News Channel’s “Hannity” program.

throughout this month an ad
will run on the popular conservative
talk radio program
The Mark Levin Show.
The MRC estimates that with
this campaign it will reach
“tens of millions of Americans
every single week over the next
several months and present them
with concrete evidence of the
leftist bias in the press.”

In 2008,
the goal of the “liberal media”
was “to elect Barack Obama
by any means possible,
and they just created a narrative
that was simply not true,”
said Bozell.

“What do you think would have
been the reaction of the American
people if,
on Election Day,
they’d gone to the polls knowing
that in electing Barack Obama,
they were electing the single
most radical socialist in the
history of this country?”

“I submit to you,
he never would have been elected.”

“That’s the power of the media.”

This “Tell The Truth!” campaign,
he said, is,
in the long run about his children
and grandchildren.

“It’s about generations to come,”
said Bozell.
“We’ve always been a nation
where we left the next generation
in slightly better hands than
they were a generation before –
and that’s not happening now.”


“We stand to be the generation

that will be asked by future


‘Why didn’t you stop it?’”

he said.

“I want to be the

generation that says,

‘We returned America

to her greatness.

There were those who wanted

to destroy this country and
there were some of us

who said no.’

That’s what I want.”



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