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Paris Hilton’s Invasion of Japan defeated



Immigration officials have
stopped Paris Hilton from
entering Japan where she
had been due to make a
promotional appearance,
SKY NEWS reports
September 21st, 2010.
According to Hilton’s spokeswoman,
Dawn Miller,
the 29-year-old was delayed by
immigration authorities when she
arrived Narita International
Airport in Tokyo.
It comes a day after the socialite
admitted possessing cocaine and
obstructing a police officer during
her arrest in Las Vegas last
She received a one-year
suspended sentence after
pleading guilty to the charges
in a Nevada court.
Hilton had been due to appear
at a news conference in Tokyo
to promote her fashion line but
it has now been cancelled.
The trip was planned before
her arrest last month when
police found cocaine
in her purse.
It is not clear whether Hilton
will continue with her
promotional tour –
she had been due to visit
several other countries,
including Indonesia and Malaysia.
“Paris was contractually bound
to her business trip and didn’t
want to let down her brands
and many Asian fans,”
Ms Miller said in a statement.
“She intended on fulfilling
her contract and is trying
hard to do the responsible thing,
but this is beyond her control.
“She is very disappointed
by tonight’s events.”






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