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Russell Brand undergoing a transition



Katy Perry’s parents think
her fiance,
reformed bad boy
comedian Russell Brand,
is becoming
”a great man of God”,
BANG MEDIA reports
September 7th, 2010.

Katy Perry’s parents predict

her fiance Russell Brand is

becoming “a great man of God“.

The ‘Teenage Dream’ singer’s

mother Mary and father

Keith Hudson –

who are both evangelical

Christian pastors –

believe the former drug addict

and womaniser is undergoing a

“transition” and will

eventually turn to God.




who shares her parents’

faith and has a ‘Jesus’ tattoo

on her wrist,


“My mum has this idea about

Russell that he’s going to be a

great man of God and his

transition is happening.”

“I think it is happening in some way,

but won’t be exactly specific to what

my parents think.

Can you imagine where he’s

come from to where he is now?”

“There’s got to be a reason

why he’s arrived at all.”



US born Katy,

who is set to marry Russell

next month,

also admits the Get Him to

The Greek’ star‘s legendary charms

have worked on her mother,

which she finds

“totally inappropriate”.

She added to Radio

Times magazine:

“My parents always give the

benefit of the doubt and it’s

up to the person to mess it up.”

“Russell was very

charming with them.

My mother flirts with him,

which I find totally inappropriate,

and I tell him to stop.”




It has previously been reported

how close Katy has become to

the British star’s mother,


and that she even calls her “mum”.

A source close to the singer said:

“She adores Barbara.

They are in constant contact

and speak on the phone most days.”

“They try and see each other

as much as possible when they

are in the same country.”

Katy joked that she calls her

own mother Mom and Russell’s

mother Mum.”





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