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Gemma Arterton: More Than a Bond Girl



Gemma Arterton’s

thriller struggle

The Belefast Telegraph

____September 3rd, 2010

Gemma Arterton has claimed she

struggles to be cast in serious

dramas after playing a Bond girl.

The 24-year-old actress, star of

blockbusters Quantum Of Solace,

Clash Of The Titans and Prince Of

Persia and comedy St Trinian’s,

said she fought to appear in gritty

British indie flick

The Disappearance Of Alice Creed

because she needed an intense role.



Gemma said:

“I needed to do it for my own

sanity as I was getting lost playing

the girlfriend or the wishy

washy role.

I needed to do something

that was raw.”

She revealed:

“There aren’t that many

‘down and dirty’ roles out there

and they certainly don’t want

to see me for them.”

“I remember the director didn’t

want to see me because he thought,

‘She’s a Bond girl,

she’s not going to be able to do

the stuff she needs to do’ and

that’s exactly why I wanted

to see him,

because it was like,


you need to change

your judgement’.”



Gemma stars as the title role

in Stephen Frears’ new film

Tamara Drewe,

which opens in cinemas

on September 10.

Based on Posy Simmonds’

much-loved graphic novel,

which was inspired by

Thomas Hardy’s

Far From The Madding Crowd,

the film is a dark comedy about

a young journalist, who returns

to the Dorset village of her

childhood as a smouldering




She said:

“I was really flattered that he

[Frears] wanted me to play

Tamara and he was quite

adamant about it actually.

“He hadn’t seen me in

anything before he cast me,

which I found kind of weird.

I begged him to let me

audition but he said ‘no’.

Then I realised he works

through instinct.”














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