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GaGa/Madonna show?




MADONNA is reportedly

“obsessed” with Lady GaGa

and is desperate for the

singer to join her on tour,


reports August 30th, 2010.

Sources say the reigning

Queen of Pop wants GaGa

to open for her next year.


“Madonna is absolutely

obsessed with GaGa,”

an insider told Britain’s

News of the World newspaper.

“She thinks she is the most

cutting-edge star to come out of

pop in ages and desperately

wants to work with her.

“Basically GaGa can

name her price.”


it’s not completely

out of the question!



has previously revealed

she’s a huge GaGa fan.

“I see myself in Lady Gaga,”

she said last year.

“When I saw her,

she didn’t have a lot of

money for her production.”

“She’s got holes in her fishnets,

and there’s mistakes everywhere.”

“It was kind of a mess,

but I can see that she

has that IT Factor.

It’s nice to see that

at a raw stage.”

And GaGa has previously

talked  about her admiration

for the Like a Virgin hitmaker.

“I want to be around for 25 years.

I admire Madonna and Courtney

Love and the way they re-invent

themselves and kick ass,”

she said last year.

“I want to do that

and be even bigger.”



Lady GaGa/Madonna
on Saturday Night Live


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