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Jeremy Tang – he’s hot






_______Tang –


__he’s HOT!

This information is taken

from the Daily Model link

Jeremy Tang »

The Daily Male Model

Review & Information –


My name is

Jeremy Tang.

I was born and

raised in Vietnam.

I currently live and

model in New York.

I love to travel and

I do travel a lot.



I am availble to work

international as runway, print,

commercial, ads, fit.

I am originally from Vietnam.

Born and raised there.

I got my bachelor degree in

Economics from University

California of Los Angeles.



I started my modeling job

since I was in Vietnam.

I have always been having

a athletic body since I

was a swimmer.

My brother brought me

to the modeling world.

That is how I started.

I enjoy it a lot.

I treat my job professionally.




Depend on what kind of

assignment I am getting.

But sleeping enough and

eating properly are very


If the assignment shows body,

then I need about 1 to 2 weeks

to prepare.

I will properly eat

healthier and training harder.

I enjoy every assignment I worked.

Getting along with photographers

and knowing the purpose of the

shoot are very important.

It just makes the

shoot more enjoyable.




For me,

communication is the key.

I have to feel comfortable

with the people I work with

in a very short time.

Imagine I am almost naked in

front of everybody and still have

to feel enjoy and relax.

I must stay focused

and follow the camera.




My personal goals are

to learn Spanish,

stay in shape and healthy.

Professional goals,

I would like to get more

modeling assignments in

international recognition level.

My mother has been the

greatest influences in my life.

She is a hard worker.

If she wants something,

she will work hard to get it

no matter how long it takes.

I really like challenge.

If I see something I like,

I will go after it.




And again,

I am very patient as well.

Staying healthy and in

shape is not an easy job.

It requires a lot of commitment

and I like to have that kind

of quality in life.

For me,



drugs are

not relaxing.

The way I would consider

relaxing when I have a good

work out.

It is my meditation.

Once I get in the gym

and have my music on,

I leave everything behind

and just enjoy whatever

I am doing.




Another way to relax is s

taying home and cooking,

listen to music.

Well all of these

sound pretty boring.


I am a party animal too.

I love to dance and listening to

a good Dj spinning in a big club.

I like my fans very much.

They are the one who

keep me believing in my job.

They are the one who tell

me whether I am doing

right or not.

They are the one who

give my feed back.

So I enjoy chatting

with my fans very much.

It is always good to

make friends as well.



























4 Responses to “Jeremy Tang – he’s hot”

  1. can not get enough of Jeremy and his brothers.
    hoping for more!!!

    • If I find more
      Jeremy Tang
      photos I will
      post them –
      he has brothers?

      His body looks like
      mine except different.


  2. hi
    yes, three brothers,
    Jeremy, Ricky and one
    more whose name i dont remember.

    google and youtube the names for more.
    also, at least one of the “model” sites
    has pics of Jeremy and maybe Ricky.
    dailymodel or some such.

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