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GaGa upsets supermodels






isn’t making any

friends in the

fashion world,

The Showbiz Spy

reports July 18th,


Lady GaGa Riles Kate Moss,

Naomi Campbell | Showbiz Spy

The Poker Face hitmaker

is said to have infuriated models

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell

after muscling in on a fashion

shoot for i-D magazine.

The British catwalk queens

were due to star in the magazine’s

September issue and were left

furious when told at the last

minute that they would be

joined by the eccentric singer.

“Kate and Naomi were to do

a joint cover shoot but the editor

wanted to add GaGa as well,”

a source told Britain’s Mail

on Sunday newspaper.

“Naomi and Kate refused to play

second fiddle to GaGa and insisted

on having their own retouching done,

so they were all shot separately.”

“The issue now has a special pullout

so there are technically three covers

from three separate shoots.”







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