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Doc Savage on Blacklist




Doctor Michael Savage

is still banned from entering
the United Kingdom.

Why is Michael Savage
such a threat to England?

Another question is why
is Doctor Michael Savage
blackballed from almost
all of the American Media?

Rush Limbaugh will
not mention the name
Doctor Michael Savage.

Sean Hannity,
Bill O’Reilly,
Fox News and Glenn Beck
dare not dare mention the
best selling author Savage.

The Liberal Left hates
Doctor Michael Savage.

Most of the so called
Republican Right ignores
Doctor Michael Savage.

The hate from the Left is
understandable but why
the snubs from the Right?

Is it because Doctor Savage
is on the Conservative Right,
not the Republican Right?

Who is pulling their strings?

What are they so afraid of?




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2 Responses to “Doc Savage on Blacklist”

  1. One of the reasons Michael Savage
    is ignored is that he paints himself
    a champion of freedom but often is anything but.

    Take the case of his lawsuit with CAIR.

    As much as I abhor CAIR and agree
    with Savage on all his complaints about CAIR,
    CAIR was 100% in the right — legally and morally —
    to publish/broadcast Savage’s statements,
    the one which Savage claimed that they were
    infringing upon his copyright when they did.

    U.S. law is very clear on this:
    the “Fair Use” Doctrine allows the unauthorized
    use of copyrighted material in precisely the way CAIR
    used it with the Savage material…
    and this is what the court reflected in its judgement.

    if Savage had prevailed in his court case,
    we all would have been the losers because
    it would have set a precedent for the
    RESTRICTION of free speech,
    not an expansion of it.

    Savage wrapped himself in the blanket
    of being an advocate for free speech
    in his court fight with CAIR
    when it was the exact opposite:
    Savage was working AGAINST freedom,
    not for it.

    In doing so,
    he pulled the wool over the
    eyes of his millions of listeners.

    • http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=58691

      I found the link where
      Doctor Michael Savage
      lost the lawsuit against CAIR.

      That does not explain why
      Doctor Savage is blackballed
      by most Republican Right
      media figures however.

      Thank You for your comment and
      Thank You for reading 22MOON Tom.


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