You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

GaGa Conquers Entire Earth!




Lady GaGa

is the most

popular person

on the planet

By Joanna Fantozzi

____July 6th, 2010

Lady Gaga is the Most

Popular Person On the Planet



As of this morning at 9 a.m.,

Lady Gaga has 10,996,842

friends on Facebook,

becoming the first person alive

to ever reach that number,

and thereby earning the title of

“most popular living person,”

at least according

to Internet standards.

The previous most popular

person on Facebook was

President Barack Obama,

who has 9,967,630 friends

on Facebook.

The pop singer,

known for her catchy

tunes and outrageous outfits,

is among the most popular stars

in Hollywood right now.

“Lady Gaga has seen her fan

base across Facebook more

than double this year and is

currently the fastest growing star,”

Daniel Dearlove,

of Famecount,

a social media statistician said

according to People Magazine.

Lady Gaga is outnumbered

in Facebook fandom by

Michael Jackson,

Texas Hold ‘Em,

Mafia Wars,

Facebook and Family Guy.

The Lady Gaga fan page

on the Fourth of July wished

all 10 million fans a

“Happy Fourth of July…

I can smell you from backstage.”






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