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Lady GaGa Never Stops




Lady Gaga
refused to take money
from her parents at
the start of her career
because she was
determined to succeed
without “handouts”,
WENN reports
July 4th, 2010.

The Poker Face singer
enjoyed a comfortable family
life growing up in New York,
attending an exclusive private school
before she moved out of home and
attempted to find success as a singer
on the city’s club scene.

Gaga admits she struggled
financially during her formative years,
but she refused to accept any help
from her loved ones.

She tells the Mail on Sunday,
“When I decided I wanted to
be a performer I knew it was
a path I would have to carve
out on my own.”

“It wasn’t what my
parents wanted,
but they supported me
in my wishes.
I took no money
from them.”
“I moved out of home into a
tiny apartment in New York.
I took jobs waitressing,
working in burlesque clubs,
waiting in bars…”

“It was tough and it was
exciting and it was non-stop,
and it was all my own journey.”
“It gave me the work ethic
I have today and it gave me
a feeling that there was something
honorable about doing it all
myself with no handouts.”

“If you want something really
badly you have to be prepared
to put yourself through anything,
work your backside off
and never stop.”






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