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Lady GaGa Art B4 Heart





___isn’t in it for the money.



“Money is completely

boring to me.

It means nothing,

except it feeds my art,”

the Poker Face singer tells

Britain’s Live magazine

in a new interview.



“Every penny I make goes

back into the Haus of GaGa.

My Haus of GaGa is something

like Andy Warhol’s Factory.”

“I have a small bunch of really

creative people who make up the

Haus and they work with me

on my sets,

my costumes,

my jewelery and the

concept of GaGa.”

“It’s my team and we come up

with crazy ideas and make

them happen.”

“I do make a lot of money,

but I don’t want to own flash cars;

I want to make Lady GaGa the

biggest star in the world,

and that takes a lot of

work and creativity.”




real name Stefani Germanotta

insists she’ll never let love

get in the way of her career.

“My greatest sacrifice is love,”

she says.

“I’ve only ever been in love once,

and I had to walk away because

I had to put my career first.”

“He wanted me to stay at

home and be with him;

I wanted to be out there

trying to make it on stage.”

“It was a huge lesson for me,

but it’s also a source of sadness.”

“God gave me a gift with music,

but if you have gifts you also

have weaknesses.

My weakness is not being able

to make relationships work.”

“I’ve dated artists, drummers,

guitarists, architects,

but there’s something in me

that stops me ever putting

a relationship before my work.”

“I guess I always think my music

is never going to roll over in bed

one morning and tell me that it

doesn’t love me any more.

I have to believe the music

is worth the sacrifice.”









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