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Obama Ruining America The Chicago Way (Part THREE of THREE)





By Steve McCann

_____June 22nd, 2010


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_-_Part THREE of THREE

They must be willing to use
the power of the government,
as the president has done,
to threaten,
and intimidate political and
media critics,
and to shake down private
enterprise for support and
financial contributions.

They must be willing
through inconceivable but
deliberate levels of deficit
spending to place the country
on a collision course with
national bankruptcy,
as President Obama is doing,
in order to advance a radical
agenda the citizens
do not want or need.

Recently, much has been
made of the lack of leadership
displayed by the president.

Many point to his
inexperience in executive

However, as former
President Dwight Eisenhower
once said,
“The supreme quality for
leadership is unquestionably

The current occupant
of the White House
is bereft of that quality.

A national leader without
honor and integrity cannot
be trusted;
he cannot act in the best
interest of others,
but only of himself.

He is captive to ideology
and incapable of change
as he surrounds himself
with sycophantic philosophical
soul mates.

He cannot abide criticism,
constructive or otherwise,
as he will always view it
through the lens of personal
thus truth for him becomes
a casualty of unrestrained

He cannot assume responsibility
for failure and must look for
others to blame.

Regardless of whether a person
has had executive experience or not,
without honor and integrity
as the foundation of his character,
failure and further erosion of the
future of the country will
follow in his footsteps.

The United States is staring
into an abyss unimagined fifteen,
twenty-five or fifty years ago.

The possibility that the country
as it was founded 225 years ago
will cease to exist is no longer
the subject of fiction writers.

The people of this great nation
must understand that they
cannot turn to the White House,
or the courts for solutions,
as these traditional sources
of leadership are not only
incapable of providing it,
but are the catalyst for the
country’s potential demise.

The survival of the Republic
is in the hands of the citizens.

Their understanding of the future
and the steps necessary to avoid
disaster is critical.

They must not only elect
representatives with integrity
and character,
but recognize the importance
of those traits in their own lives
and in society as a whole.

If they don’t,
then the United States will
become a permanently indentured
and second-tier country.





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