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Bisexual and Gay is the new black in female fashion





Why being

.-gay isn’t

just another



By Jane Graham



_____June 18th, 2010


Why being gay isn’t just

another fashion accessory –

Jane Graham,


Isn’t it odd that while official

estimates state that around

only 7% of the UK population

are gay,

almost every second female

celebrity seems to ‘go lesbian’

at some point?

High profile women increasingly

seem to spend their time publicly

‘acknowledging’ their inner lesbian —

even occasionally,

if times are tough,

bringing her out to play.



We all remember Madonna’s

flirtations with her gay alter ago

in the late Eighties when she was

trying to flog copies of her

‘explosive’ photograph book Sex.

She encouraged rumours

that she was having an affair

with bisexual actress Sandra


(rumours later exposed

by Bernhard as baseless),

and regularly posed in raunchy

pictures with other women

apparently trying to ‘corrupt’ her.

And where Madonna leads,

swathes of stars with less

ingenuity will always follow —

the Grand Dame herself sexed

up both Britney and Christina’s

careers with a very public smooch

at the MTV Awards.



Now we can hardly move

without another lash-fluttering

lady confessing her lesbian urges

and posing for demonstrative photos

just in case we weren’t creative

enough to imagine where she might

put her legs if said urges were

to be fulfilled.

So we’ve had Courtney Love

reminiscing about her ‘fun’ fling

with Kate Moss,

topping off a very gay year in

which we’ve heard Lily Allen

talking about her girly threesomes.



Megan Fox declaring her

lust for Angelina Jolie

(which, bearing in mind

their lookalikeness,

is just lollipop Fox telling us

she’d happily lick herself),

Lindsay Lohan switching her

allegiance from boys to girls,




Katy Perry singing about

the pleasures of kissing girls

and Lady Gaga ‘admitting’ that

her monster hit Poker Face is

about the methods she deploys

to cover up the fact that while

she’s in bed with a man,

she’s fantasising about a woman.






Funny how male celebs don’t

generally go the same way —

I can’t quite imagine Robert Pattinson/

Paulo Nutini/Wayne Rooney posing

in a tiny leather jock strap while

another man nuzzles into his ear

on the cover of a magazine.

Of course it may just be that

women are more liberated thinkers,

and less threatened by their own

bisexual fantasy life.


when it comes to celebrity

lesbian photo-shoots,

staged gay kisses and brave

‘confessions’ of a girl-on-girl nature,

I must sadly, and cynically,

conclude there is but one

motivational factor —

men like them.


-__Bisexual ANNA PAQUIN


There is no audience as captive

as a heterosexual man faced with

the proposition of an attractive

woman who is straight enough

to want to have sex with him,

but likely to be nursing a desire

for a third female party at

the same time.

And such a man is as likely to open

his wallet to encourage that idea

as he is unlikely to close his eyes.

So basically,

whether you’re selling an album,

a new film or an autobiography,

the lesbian avenue is the fastest,


least imaginative route

to ker-ching city.


_____Bisexual FERGIE


How real lesbian women

feel about this I’m not sure.

Some might argue that it must

be nice to represent the pinnacle

of male fantasy —

but, of course,

real lesbians don’t give a fig

about arousing men.





If I were a lesbian,

I think I might be unimpressed

by the notion that my sexual

orientation is something to be

used to hook in men,

and then discarded.

But hey, who cares what real

gay and lesbian people think;

after all,

they’re only 7% of the market.



_The Baths Of Caracalla   1899

__Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

_______Just A Couple Of Girls

_____Harry Wilson Watrous   1915




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