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Sugar free fake blood makes Anna Paquin want to gag – is Aspartame involved?




Anna Paquin’s

Lust for Blood

Can’t Be


By Gaunilo

June 18th, 2010


Oh, hush,

that pun is amazing.


True Blood star/newly-minted

bisexual Anna Paquin has told Self

magazine that she loves filming

blood-sucking scenes on,

but the fake blood on

the show is disgusting.

The gloopy mixture is basically

corn syrup and red dye,

so gulping that down take after

take has got to be nauseating.



Paquin says,

“I get a kick out it,

but the actual blood

makes me want to gag!

It’s kind of a sweet corn syrup,

I think,

with an aftertaste that’s less

than pleasant after the 10th take.

In season one,

they asked me if I wanted

sugar or sugar-free.

I was like, ‘Sugar-free blood?

Sounds great!’

It only tastes like the latex

tubes it’s coming through.

By the next scene I was

feeding ravenously…

so I drank probably a gallon.

Never again!”

If they were smart,

they’d dump some Kool-Aid mix

in there and then water down

the leftovers for jungle juice.

You know,

if they were super classy like that.





In spite of the headline

using the word


I have no idea if the fake

blood on True Blood is

sweetened with Aspartame

or not.



What I do know is that

Aspartame is very bad for

the human body,

and could explain why

Anna Paquin feels sick

she ingests the sugar free

fake blood.

Aspartame is the sweetener

in Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi,

Snapple’s Trop-A-Rocka

diet tea and many diet


and some foods.

Don’t take my


for it,

check out the

links below.

Bret Michaels’ Snapple

Trop-A-Rocka Tea

sweetened with

dangerous Aspartame




_Rash Manly




Aspartame links in GREEN














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