You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

22MOON.com now has two million hits!






Hey Moon readers,

Exactly one year and
eight days ago 22MOON
broke the
one million
hits barrier.

(Link below in green)

So now it is June 18th,
2010 and 22Moon.com
just broke the two
million hits barrier!

As I said last year,
you people made
it all worth it.

I want to thank
all of you from the
bottom of my heart
for reading Moon.

I LOVE reading
the comments.

As I stated last year,

The readers are all
over the world,
from doctors and lawyers
to young people still in
from cool vampires to
some of the greatest
writers of this century.

I feel a deep and
humble affection
for you all.

You have given my
life new meaning
and I can never thank
you enough.

22Moon has


but only one fan –
I am a fan of YOU

Just like last year,
I get all misty eyed
writing this speech.

Some other website
creators told me I
could never succeed
at this because I am
not like TMZ or Perez
or whomever.

I like those sites,
but I do not want
to be like anyone

I will not adopt

Politically Correct



it is popular


the “in” crowd.


I have been an
outcast and different
my whole life –
and now I finally
embrace it and am
true to myself.

What I said to you
on Valentines Day
still applies – link

“I am a fan of
.you people.

I do this for
_you and I
worry about all
_of you in a
personal way
I never knew
would happen.

___I see what
Lady GaGa means
__when she says
__how a strange
__kid can finally
_feel acceptance –
__why she loves
__her audience.

___I feel the
___same way.

Excuse the
but it is from
__my heart.”

Stupid eyes
must be dust
in here…

Enough with
the mush –
I hate mush!


_-On with
_the show!

__Rash Manly



__-phases.gif (39484 bytes)phases.gif (39484 bytes)phases.gif (39484 bytes)phases.gif (39484 bytes)





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