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Bella Swan to be “coolest vampire”




Kristen Stewart can’t

wait to play a vampire

in Breaking Dawn,

the two-part

Twilight finale,

The Belefast Telegraph

reports June 15th,


The 20-year-old told

reporters at a press conference

for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

that when her character Bella

Swan finally becomes one of the

living dead she will be the

“coolest vampire”,

according to

The Hollywood Reporter.




Kristen said:

“I’ve thought about it a lot,

and I can’t wait to actually be it.

It’s going to be a trip,

it’s going to be weird.”



Robert Pattinson,


who plays Edward Cullen,

admitted he doesn’t know what

happens in Breaking Dawn as

he hasn’t read the book.

He said:

“I just heard,

sort of,

brief rumours about what

happens in the story,

but I don’t really know

what happens at all.”



But Kristen is a big fan of the

books and she said she is looking

forward to filming the finale,

insisting Bella will

“be the coolest vampire

out of all of them”.

The book sees Bella and

Edward marry and have a

baby girl named Renesmee.




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