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Al Gore’s divorce caused by harpy wife Tipper



Tipper Gore’s

Jealous rages over other women
ripped apart the 40 year marriage
to her husband Climate Change
fear monger Al Gore,
Michael Glynn, Rick Egusquiza
and Alexander Hitchen report
for the June 21st issue of
The National Enquirer.

Multiple sources told the tabloid
details of the secret that ripped
apart the 40 year union.

“While there’s never been
proof that Al had affairs,
Tipper allowed herself
to suspect the worse,”
an insider told
The Enquirer.

“I think she’s always
believed there was
something going on
between Al and many
of the women in his

Some of the women
tipper suspected were
a sexy Hollywood actress,
a gorgeous massage therapist,
an environmentalist named
to a cabinet position by Gore
when he was vice president,
and even his first love.
62 year old Gore married
Tipper, who is 61,
after they met at his high
school prom.

They married five years
in 1970.

Tipper suspected that Al
was having an affair with his
attractive protege Kathleen
who was a key environmental
advisor to President Bill
and later served as
Pennsylvania’s Secretary of
Environmental Protection.

Rumors about McGinty
and first circulated in 1995
when Al was vice president.

The Enquirer investigated
the story at the time,
but concluded the pair had
a strictly professional

After Gore failed to become
president in his 2000 run,
rumors were circulating that
Al was having an alleged
fling with a beautiful massage
“Tipper always knew that
Al had a daily massage,
and she was always
jealous of the therapists,”
said a Washington D.C. source.

“He mostly has female
but tipper became so
vocal about the women
that Al switched to male
therapists to keep the peace.”

A whispering campaign
connected Gore to a sexy
movie star in 2001.

“Tipper confronted Al
about it,
and he denied it,”
said the source.

“But by this time,
Tipper’s jealousy
was putting stress
on their marriage.”
Only weeks before
the Gore’s announced
their split,
the couple had a final
marriage-ending fight
over rumors Tipper picked
up about Al seeing a
gorgeous 23-year-old
Tennessee titans

“Al tried to
laugh it off,
but Tipper got
angrier by the

“She was leveling
charges at him and
went off the deep end.”

“She hounded him
and it ended up
being the final straw
in the troubled marriage.”

“Al finally told her their
relationship was over
because he couldn’t stand
her jealous rages anymore.”
The Gore couple owns
$60 million dollars of
Google stock,
plus Apple stock options
worth millions of dollars.

The Gore’s also own
four multi-million dollar
and Al earns $175,000
dollars for a speaking

Tipper could get up to
$250 million dollars
if the couple divorce.

To be fair to Al Gore,
it has never once been
proven that Global
Warming Fear Monger
Al had an affair had an
affair with anyone at
any time.

I do not like Al because
of his scare tactics involving
the myth of man made
Climate Change.

But he sounds like a
faithful husband who
is long suffering with
a paranoid harpy wife.

I actually feel a bit
sorry for him now.

I do not think Gore
is smart or clever
enough to hide
multiple affairs for
forty years.

one or more of the
so called women
would have blabbed
to the press by now
for a giant paycheck.

Poor Al!

I think Al believes
Global Warming is
real because of all
the heat he’s been
getting from his
harpy wife for
four decades.



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