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Lady GaGa ‘Alejandro’ video is copycat but not daring




Lady Gaga

has defended her racy
new Alejandro video
following a storm of
criticism over the
religious imagery
in the clip –
insisting she will not be
“broken” by “prejudice”,

WENN reports
June 10th, 2010.

The promo,
which Gaga has previously called
“a celebration and an
admiration of gay love”,
sees the saucy singer in her underwear
writhing on a bed with semi-naked
male dancers in a bondage-style scene.

The video also shows Gaga
dressed in a latex nuns’ outfit,
suggestively swallowing
a set of rosary beads,
and appears to include references
to Madonna’s famous videos for
Like A Prayer and Vogue.

The religious elements in the clip
have caused consternation amongst
campaign groups including bosses
at America’s Catholic League,
who have released a statement
slamming the star’s efforts.

It reads,
“Lady Gaga is playing Madonna copy cat,
squirming around half-naked with
half-naked guys,
abusing Catholic symbols –
they’re always Catholic symbols –
while bleating out Alejandro
enough times to induce vomit…
She has now become the new poster
girl for American decadence and
Catholic bashing,
sans (without) the looks and
talent of her role model.”

But Gaga has hit back at the complaints,
insisting she won’t let the negative
comments upset her.

In a series of posts on her
Twitter.com page,
she writes,
“So many will try to destroy me.
So many,
over and over,
coming in periods of greatness.

But in this period,
I cannot be broken…
Prejudice is a disease.

And when they come for you,
or refuse your worth,
I will be ready for their stones…”
The video’s director Steven Klein
has also spoken out following the
negative reaction to the footage,
and he’s adamant Gaga did not
intend to portray the Catholic
church in a negative light.

He tells MTV.com,
“The religious symbolism is not
meant to denote anything negative,
but represents the character’s battle
between the dark forces of this world
and the spiritual salvation of the soul.

Thus at the end of the film,
she chooses to be a nun
(and she swallows the rosary
beads to represent) the
desire to take in the holy.”
No one is a bigger fan
of GaGa than I am.

We both were strange kids
who did not fit in with the
so called norm,
we both are very theatrical
and with a flair for
the dramatic.

That being said,
this website is about the
truth as I see it and I will
not lie to my readers to
appease any celebrity
or so called V.I.P.

GaGa claims in her Twitter
“so many will try to
destroy me”, and
“prejudice is a disease”
because many observers
do not like the Catholic
symbols abused in her
new video.

What does abusing
Catholic symbols have
to do with prejudice,
because Catholics find
it offensive?

I am not a Catholic and
I find it offensive.

It sounds like she is
hiding behind the gay flag,
as if people are offended
by the homoerotic nature
of her video.

I could not care less about
the rampant homosexual
women in music videos
have been exploiting the
lesbian theme for decades
and I like the bold role

It will not ‘turn’ me gay.

The Nazi overtones
are gross,
but I do not like Nazis,
and I am prejudice against
Nazis and their party.

But this open season on
Catholics (and Jews) is
everywhere and disgusting.
From Saturday Night Live
priest jokes to Madonna’s
disgusting ‘Like a Prayer’
enough is enough.

If an artist wants to be
daring and ground
try making fun of the
minority of Muslims who
abuse women or use kids
to carry bombs –
I will not be holding my
breath for that to happen.

Catholic bashing and
Jew bashing are somehow
approved by Hollywood
and many in the media,
and I am sick of it.

The so called Church
sex scandals are dwarfed
by school sex scandals
but Big Education gets
a free pass.

(Links below in GREEN)

The Left Wing of Hollywood,
Music and The Media keep
trying to tell us what is
politically correct to hate
and/or fear.

The Left keep playing
the same tune but I for
one refuse to dance to it.

-__Rash Manly
_-June 11th, 2010



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