You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

13 Responses to “Lil’ Kim sexy sexy sexy fotos!”

  1. I love you

  2. very good more of it girl

  3. hy lil you gotta know this am ya fan #1

  4. Your the best female rapper ever

  5. Good work lil, i have always luv ur ways and the things u do

  6. After Biggie death…..who have u being screwing. I want a piece of that ass.

  7. I love your pics kim and I love your songs too,
    the world needs your type to run smoothly

    • Thank You Nunu,
      I work hard on those
      songs and you are the only
      one who ever mentioned them
      in five years.

      Thank You for the nice comment and
      Thank You for reading 22MOON!

      (I like the pictures also)


  8. U right Lil Kim or DA baddest bitch an female rapper keep up DA good work ya boy upinyarushinya!!!!!!!!

  9. I’ll take lil Kim over that ” STUPID HOE” anytime….”SO BEAUTIFUL”

  10. I really think that you are the one a for real Woman one wish You know.Alley Al Harlem. NY

  11. every time I hear Lil kim rap she make my dick hard,she the best female rapper hands down, Nikki Minaj a joke, BIG DEE, DURHAM NC.

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