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Super Kitten survives washing machine




A Persian kitten

gave her owners the

shock of their lives

when she emerged from

the washing machine,

dizzy and bedraggled

after surviving a full cycle,

Belinda Goldsmith

reports May 27th, 2010

for REUTERS.com.

Brendon Rogers,

from Manly Vale, Sydney,

said four-month-old Kimba,

a white, fluffy kitten,

must have climbed into the

front-loader machine when the

door was open and curled up

on the dirty clothes —

unbeknownst to his father

Lyndsay who turned the

machine on for a cold wash.

They were both

amazed when the cycle —

including a high level spin —

finished and they opened the

door to pull out the clothes

to find Kimba in the machine.



“We could hardly believe

our eyes when she emerged,

looking like a drowned rat,”

he told Reuters.

Although Kimba was alive

she clearly needed help so they

rushed her to the vet where she

was put on an intravenous drip

and treated for shock

and hypothermia.

Her eyes were also badly

affected by the detergent

and needed treatment.

“It is just amazing that she

survived but we reckon she’s

used all of her nine lives,”

said Rogers.




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