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Get Mad Or Get Out Of The Way (Part ONE)



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You know how people write
those columns around Memorial
Day telling you it is not about
eating hot dogs and watching
Memorial Day is about
remembering the brave men
and women who died
defending freedom and liberty?

This is not that column.

This is Part One of the column
asking you to get angry,
asking you to get mad,
asking you to get mad as Hell
because you are not going to
take it anymore.

This column is not about
defending freedom and liberty
for America,
this column is about defending
freedom and liberty
for the world.

I hear people with my own ears
say things like,
“Freedom and liberty are being
taken away from us,
but what can we do?”

What can we do?



Do you think the people who
died defending freedom and
liberty were some kind of
super human species that
died out a long time ago?

They were regular people
who did super human things,
they did not say,
that Hitler fellow needs our
understanding and we can work
with him and if we are nice to
him he will be nice to us.”

the heros who defended
us did not feel that way.

The heros who saved our
freedom got mad as Hell.

They did not try to understand.

They did not try to appease.

Anger swelled up inside of
them and they went out and
they got the job done and they
did not worry about offending
Hitler’s “feelings” or
“religious beliefs” or
“troubled childhood”,
or “culture”.

All dictators and fascists use
people who are “nice” as
useful idiots when they want to
take over a country or the world.

Dictators and fascists pretend
to be “nice” in the beginning
so other nice people let their
guard down.

Political Correctness is
bending over backward
to be “nice”.

Fascists and dictators love
Political Correctness –
it makes their revolutions
much easier.

America (and the world)
is undergoing a revolution
right in front of our eyes.

A takeover,
a revolution is happening
right now,
history is being
made right now.

America is a focal point,
because once America
the rest of the dominos
will be much easier to
knock down.

Are these words breaking
through the brainwashing

Are you getting angry yet?

Do you feel any of the
passion swelling up that
you get watching a football
a golf match,
getting cut off in traffic?

You know how a parent
will say,
“I would protect my child
at any cost.”

How a son or daughter
will go to any length to
protect Mom or Dad or
their brother or sister?

News Flash Alert:
the freedom and liberty
of your children is in

The freedom and liberty
of your parents,
and siblings,
and friends is on
the line right now.

Did all the people we
honor on Memorial Day
die in vain?

Were they all stupid
and we are smarter
than they were?

We must get angry and fight,
we must get mad as Hell
and fight back.

We all must stay within
the law and fight back
with Truth.

We can all write letters
to newspapers.

We can all support our
troops here and abroad.

We can all vote out people
in office who will sell out
our freedoms to keep their
seat in the House or Senate
or the School Board or
Town Council.

We can peacefully protest.

We can educate ourselves.

We can quit devoting all
our passions to Basketball
teams and Nascar races and
Hollywood stars and care
about the welfare of ourselves
and our family and friends.

Rome fell because the fascists
in charge kept the dumb masses
happy with bread and circuses.

enough to eat are modern day
bread and circuses.

It is fine to enjoy those things,
but have some passion also
for freedom and liberty.

Get angry.

Get mad as Hell and say
“I am mad as Hell and I am
not going to take it anymore!”

Do not play into the hands
of the dictators by breaking
the law.

The fascists want you
to do that so they can lock
you up and shut you up.

Obey the law and protest
and speak freely and loudly
and be mad as Hell.

Or all those we remember
on Memorial Day will have
died in vain.

__Rash Manly
__May 29th, 2010




2 Responses to “Get Mad Or Get Out Of The Way (Part ONE)”

  1. I agree.
    We need to get these fascist
    Republicans out of office.

    People like John Boehner
    and Mitch McConnel only want
    to deride our democracy.

    These people would sacrifice
    our country for political gain.

  2. This column is not
    about political parties –
    it is about dictators
    and fascists and those
    in power who do not
    heed the will of the people.

    Rash Manly

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