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Megan Fox will not be bouncing and jiggling in Transformers 3






quit movie blockbuster

Transformers 3 after a

blazing row with superstar

director MICHAEL BAY over

her vanishing weight,


Pete Samson reports for

The U.K. Sun

May 21st, 2010.





















Fox‘s fragile frame concerned

the director and his team on the

set as they prepared to shoot the

third installment of the movie

franchise that made her a star.





thought the 24-year-old looked

“unhealthy” and wanted her to

put on weight if she wanted to

resume her role as Mikaela Banes

in the third film.

This sparked a massive fight

and left the blockbuster looking

for a new leading lady with

production beginning

this month.

A source on the movie

revealed yesterday:

“Megan stormed out after

a huge row with Michael Bay.

“He thinks she has lost too

much weight and looks too frail.

He wanted her to put on some

weight and it all kicked off.

“The crew don’t

think she looks well,

let alone the wholesome,

curvy star they cast

in the first film.

She’s going for this gaunt,

pale image and it just

looks unhealthy.”



This is not the first time Fox

who regularly tops world’s

sexiest woman polls –

has found herself at the

centre of the size zero row.

She has been criticised for

revealing she guzzles down

neat vinegar as a quick fix

to shed pounds.

She has also previously

told how she fell into

depression after her

weight plummeted.



She said last year:

“I turned into a zombie.

I lost like 30 pounds.

I was telling myself

I was method acting,

which was not true.

I ended up getting sick

and my hair started

falling out.”

And just this week

she told a magazine:

“I’ll starve to death

before I’ll cook for myself.

I think I could survive

a week without eating.”

Fox and director Bay have

had a volatile relationship

since he cast her in the

Transformers film that

shot her to superstardom.

She compared the director

to Adolf Hitler in an interview

last year and called him

a “nightmare” work –

for sparking rumours she

would be dumped from

the third film.



But he tried to dispel the

rumours when he announced

the movie in October,

writing online:

“Megan Fox,

welcome back.

I promise no alien robots

will harm you in any way

during the production of

this motion picture.”

Rumours swept Hollywood

this week that Fox had been

fired by the director.

But Fox‘s spokesman

insisted yesterday:

“Megan Fox will not be

starring in Transformers 3

It was her decision

not to return.”



The franchise is one the

most successful in Hollywood

history having made more

than £1 billion worldwide.




is among the favourites
to take over the female
lead in the franchise.






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