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Sex And The Cisvestism








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____May 19th, 2010

Express Gazeta


For many years sexologists

have been saying that role

games are the best

aids in sex.

Yet, some are so interested in

trying on other people’s image

that they use it not only in bed

but in real life as well.

The most intriguing thing is that

they get incredibly satisfied by it.




Rich people dressing like the poor,

college professors who put on school


scientists who wear firefighter’s

uniform at home –

this is a non-exhaustive list of patients

treated by a famous LA sex

therapist Dr. William Sharp,

who has been studying an

interesting sexual anomaly known

as cisvestism for years.

The doctor dedicated most of his

life to studying his patients and

came to conclusion that all people

are perverts to some extent.

In his interview with Express Gazeta,

the famous sex therapist revealed

some of the shocking secrets

of his research.

“Cisvestism is a type of

fetishism or transvestism.”



“While transvestites change into

clothes of the opposite sex,

my patients dress into clothes

of their own sex,

although of a different social

status or profession.

For instance,

a proper housewife tries an image of

a prostitute and spends time in bars,

or a 50-year old librarian dresses like

an 18-year old girl and goes to a club.”



“I have a client who owns a café.

After work, she puts on a waitress

uniform and goes out to pick up tipsy

truck drivers from a nearby hotel.”

“What’s so special about it?

Women always want to look younger,

and if you want to pick someone up,

a short skirt or waitress uniform

is a great idea.”

“It’s one thing when someone

does it once in a while.

Inability to get satisfaction

with no apron on is another.

My clients only get excited when

they are dressed as someone else.

This is the brightest

sexual emotion for them.

For example,

I have a patient who is a chef

whose wife does not pay much

attention to him.

Once he put on his brother’s

police uniform and went out.”



“He confessed that at that moment

he felt like a manly,

strong cop.

It is not surprising that dressing as

a cop became an erotic ritual for him.


he was so comfortable with his

new image that women began

paying attention to him.

It is too bad that he remained

his unconfident,

shy self without the uniform.

People like this consult a doctor

when they realize they have lost

their own identity.


it is not easy to explain to your

spouse why you cannot have

sex without a costume. “




“They say that role playing in

bed makes marital sex hotter…”

“I wish.

Not every husband or wife

dreams about sex in costumes.

Usually the spouse is not happy

about his other half’ inclinations.

Even if the spouse also enjoys

costumes it may not be always be

for the better as you get bored

of every game.

Today you want to go

to bed with a geisha,

next day you want a naughty nurse.”




“These people,

on the other hand,

like their role and will not

be pleased with any other.

As a result,

we get spousal issues.

Often it gets even worse when

a person starts using this different

image every day.

For example,

when a millionaire gets off from

dressing like a bum for business

meetings or a housewife gets a

Mohawk and buys a biker’s jacket and

then goes to her embroidering club.

Such people lose jobs

and suffer form judgment.”



According to Dr. Sharp,

there are many famous people

who have this disorder.

Their strange costumes and

behavior are taken as whims,

while in reality they need

a sex therapist.

“I have serious suspicions that

Bill Gates and Donald Trump

suffer have this abnormality,”

the doctor said.

The former,

despite his billions,

cannot live without stretched

out sweaters and old jeans.


these items bring Gates

memories about poor,

but sexually active years.

Trump looks like a clerk in a

second-rate firm because of his

terrible hair and baggy suits,

also a tribute to his “young”




“What about singers and actors?

Are their clothes just

a tribute to their image?”

“It depends.

Madonna is a 100% pervert.

At age 51 she does not mind

wearing her daughter’s clothes and

has a lover who is young enough to

be her son.

She admits that the younger she looks,

the sexier she feels.

Mariah Carry is 40,

and she goes out wearing shorts

and short tops revealing her belly,

and wears bikini in her video clips.

She obviously likes the

image of a prostitute.”



“Same is with Lady Gaga,

who dresses like a transvestite

not only on stage but in real

life as well.

Johnny Depp is a classic millionaire –

bum .

His everyday outfit

would shock a bum –

his tangled beard,

stretched out hat,

shapeless coat and dirty jeans.

There is a rumor he hates deodorants

and colognes and does not shower

for weeks.

He and his wife Vanessa Paradis

is a good match.

The couple’s friends say that

it is impossible to be near them

because of a strong body odor.

On the other hand,

it is a rare case of

mutual understanding.”





Dr. Sharp said that everyone is

a pervert one way or the other,

because people radically change their

image several times in a lifetime.

Women especially like to wear

age-inappropriate clothes,

and even at 50 behave like

playful high school students.




“It does not matter

what you look like,

it matters what you feel like.

If your costume excites you

more than your other half,

the problem is not you,

it is you marital bed,”

said the therapist.









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