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Yogi Prahlad Jani Diet: No food or water for 70 years




Indian Yogi

Lives Without

.Food or Water

_-for Over 70


_____April 13th, 2010



Prahlad Jani,

an 82 year Indian yogi

is used to living with

empty stomach.

He claims that he receives

his energy from space.



At first medics thought

him to be a swindler,

but when they examined him

they were of a different opinion.

The unique yogi was placed

in a hospital for observation.

The first results shocked scientists

and now they are trying to find

out if other people can be taught

to live without food and water.

Prahlad Jani says he has been

living without food and water

for over 70 years.

He said that when he was

eight he was homeless and lived

in a cave near a Hindu temple

where he was allegedly visited

by an Indian goddess.

She felt sorry for the child

and bestowed these wonderful

capabilities on him.



Since then all he needs to

survive is a drop or two of magic

nectar sent to him by a goddess

every day.

The nectar penetrates his body

through a special channel on

the roof of his mouth.

Scientists have no

comments about it.

The unique yogi has been in

complete isolation in the hospital

for a week already and he is

observed 24/7 with specially

installed cameras.

He has not been eating or

drinking for the entire week.

Every day doctors examine him

trying to find signs of weakness

or dehydration,

but to no avail.

They found that his brain cells

are at the level of a 25-year

old person,

and his body is strong and young.

The doctors say they are dealing

with a biological miracle because

within 108 hours in the hospital

he has not eaten or drunk and has

not used a restroom even once.

This raises complex questions .

A human being can live without

water and food up to 12 days.

There were cases when people

lived without food for 16 and

even 30 days,

but they drank water

on the 8th day.

Jani is studied by 35 doctors.

They say that yoga practice caused

biological changes in his body.

He explains it with the “life energy”

given to him by the Indian goddess.

This “energy” is especially

interesting for military doctors.

The doctors are hoping this case

will help them to research the ways

of survival in extreme conditions

without food or water.

They believe it could be a real

breakthrough in their attempts to

send piloted spacecrafts to Mars.

The unique patient will be

examined for two more weeks.

It will take the scientists another

two months to meticulously study

the results.

Only then it will be obvious

whether this is a hoax or sensation.




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4 Responses to “Yogi Prahlad Jani Diet: No food or water for 70 years”

  1. it makes sense for he who
    produces none requires none hm…
    seems sound to me if you ask me it
    should happen more often.

    one who gives none to a cause
    receives non in return i like it.

  2. This is absolutely normal.
    Most People do not comprehend
    that eating and drinking is not normal.

    In fact it is promoted as
    a way to control the People.

    If you think you need food
    and water in order to live,
    then you will do whatever those
    who control the food and water
    tell you to do in order to
    get food and water.

    food and water was never
    needed to begin with –
    it is an illusion.

    Peace and Love

  3. About 15 years ago a Seventh Day Adventist pastor told me about people like this. He said it was our natural state back in “Genesis” but I thought it was just myth. Definitely something to look into. Impressive.

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