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Doctor Michael Savage continues to be Right









By Andrew T. Durham

______April 27th, 2010


The Prescience of Michael Savage

Once again,

radio host Michael Savage

has read the tea leaves

of the nation.

Savage has a long history

of nailing issues that no one

else really covers,

yet are so important to the

very backbone of what’s

left of our nation.

For instance,

he was correct on his prediction

of the Duke Lacrosse player’s case,

though the criminal who falsely

reported a crime is still allowed

to walk free.

He was correct in his dedication

to the Haditha Marines,

so far all of them having been

exonerated for any wrong doing

in the manufactured “massacre.

Savage also correctly predicted the

outcome of the Dubai ports deal,

the Immigration Reform debacle

of 2007 and many others.

The issue at hand is this:

for years Michael Savage

has said repeatedly that this

country is controlled by,

among others,





the media likes to portray those

of us who see the writing on the

wall as “conspiracy theorists”,


“truthers” or whatever,

as long as it ridicules something

they are too stupid to investigate.

The true sin of the modern

age is willful ignorance.

The semi-educated puffballs

in the media need to invent

a silly word to describe people

who might just have a finger on the

pulse of a nation being screwed

by old blood and old money.

At any rate,

Savage predicted the current

furor over Goldman-Sachs simply

by observing that the strings of

what was once a powerful nation

are being pulled by men in

red power ties,

not by men of conviction and

concern for the Constitutional

well-being of a nation.


american flag-1


As we contemplate what we

think will happen in November,

let’s keep in mind that it takes

such conviction and concern to

actually do something.

Whining at a Tea Party

is one thing.

Taking action is

another thing altogether.

There is an entire media army

against this so-called “movement”.

But I defy them to

actually do something.

While they fawn over the

Republican propaganda of

Rush and Hannity,

it would best serve those

actually willing to do something

to heed Michael Savage,

who is beholden to no one.

While I’m all about protesting

and expressing outrage at the

thug mob that has taken over

this country,

and the utter incompetence

of the worst Congress in the

history of this nation,

it is always best to listen in the

night for the call of Paul Revere.

In this case,

it’s Michael Savage.

And there ain’t

gonna be any lights

to see until it’s too late.

Andrew T. Durham

(Andrew T.Durham is a graduate

of State University at Albany,

with a degree in Psychology/Philosophy.

In the late 80’s to mid 90’s he was instrumental

in creating ground-breaking outreach/prevention


as well as being a highly successful public speaker.

A former acupuncturist and clinician

(primarily to inner city adolescents),

he has also been a consultant to the Massachusetts

State Department of Public Health and several

non-profit organizations.

He is an accomplished musician –

proficient in 7 instruments – ,

actor and author of 10 plays,

5 of which have been produced.)






Democrats/Goldman Sachs link




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