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Climate Change/Global Warming hysteria harming obsessive compulsive victims




Global Warming

_fears seen in






By Dr. Mairwen Jones

____May 6th, 2010


Psychiatry Congress

| Voxy.co.nz

A recent study has

found that global

warming has impacted

the nature of symptoms

experienced by

obsessive compulsive

disorder patients.

Climate Change related obsessions

and/or compulsions were identified

in 28% of patients presenting with

obsessive compulsive disorder.

Their obsessions included leaving

taps on and wasting water,

leaving lights on and wasting


pets dying of thirst,

leaving the stove on and wasting gas

as well as obsessions that global

warming had contributed to house

floors cracking, pipes leaking,

roof problems and white ants

eating the house.




Compulsions in response to these

obsessions included the checking

of taps,

light switches,

pet water bowls

and house structures.

“Media coverage about the possible

catastrophic consequences to our

planet concerning global warming

is extensive and potentially anxiety


We found that many obsessive

compulsive disorder patients were

concerned about reducing their

global footprint,”

said study author

Dr Mairwen Jones.



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is happening.”


Washington Times.




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