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Lindsay Lohan may Go To Jail, may Go Directly To Jail, Will Not Pass Go, Will Not Collect $200 Dollars





IsĀ Lindsay
Headed for
the Slammer?

By Gina Serpe and
Whitney English

____April 31st, 2010


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Another jail sentence
may seem inevitable
(hey, we’re all thinking it)
but she can at least rest
assured that it’s not imminent.

Despite a report that Lindsay
would be spending the summer
in stripes after failing to attend,
at least one alcohol-education
course per week,
Lohan’s lawyer tells E! News
that the embattled starlet
remains in compliance with
the court.
“Though there have been
occasional weeks when Lindsay
has missed her alcohol
treatment class,
she has always managed to
make up the class the following
week by attending two classes,”
Shawn Chapman Holley said.

“For this reason,
we contend that Ms. Lohan
is in substantial compliance
with the conditions
of her probation.”
Get a load of those semantics,

Substantial is not complete.

LiLo’s probation,
for those requiring a refresher,
stems from her DUI busts
back in 2007.

At a progress hearing
on the matter last fall,
the judge told Lindsay she
if she’s MIA from theĀ program
for more than 21 days.
“If you don’t do that,
the deputy district attorney
will be asking for jail time,”
the judge said at the time.

The current hitch is this:
While Lohan has never gone
more than 21 days without
making an appearance at a class,
she admittedly has gone more
than 7 days without doing so,
potentially violating another,
seemingly conflicting,
term of her probation.

So is she slammer-bound?
Time will tell.
While Lohan is
all of her courses by July 14,
her next progress hearing
is set for May 20.





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