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I Stand Against Tyranny – I must Be Racist (Part TWO of THREE)





__-_may be
_.-closer than
___we think

____By Bob Weir

_______April 20th, 2010



-__Part TWO of THREE

my ambivalence was an
example of finding something
good about being on the losing
side of a national plebiscite.

I suppose you could say
that I saw Obama’s color
as a consolation prize.

His political philosophy
of bigger government,
more taxes,
closing of Guantánamo Bay,
Miranda rights for terrorists,
is an example of the type
of liberal orthodoxy that
has weakened the U.S. for
more than a generation.

it felt good to know that we
had proven to the world that
we are truly a melting pot.

that sentiment was short-lived.

When the president insinuated
last year that a black Harvard
professor’s arrest by a white police
officer was racially motivated,
it became clear that he wasn’t
interested in leading the country
toward a colorblind society.
Democrats have become
more creative about
finding racism in
everyone who opposes
this president.

When the grassroots efforts
of the Tea Party movement
began to gain national attention,
it became a target for
accusations of racism.
It’s a typical red herring
intended to divert attention
from the president’s massive
power-grab known as
which will,
in addition to destroying the
best health care system on
the planet,
put an unsustainable debt
burden on future generations.

Does any rational person
really believe that the majority
of our citizens would be in favor
of that medical monstrosity if
it had been proposed by
a white president?

Nancy Pelosi,
the most arrogant and
polarizing Speaker in the
history of the House,
dismissed the Tea Party
as nothing more than
“disheartened Republicans
and racists,
who could not accept a
bi-racial man as president.”






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