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I Stand Against Tyranny – I Must Be Racist (Part THREE of THREE)




__-_may be
_.-closer than
___we think

____By Bob Weir

_______April 20th, 2010




the mainstream media
and Democrat activists,
evidently taking their orders
from the Speaker’s office,
tried to portray the health
care debate as being based
solely on President Obama’s
race rather than on the policies
of an overreaching government.

we are in the bizarre position
of having the first black POTUS,
while being constantly scolded
for being racist.

Every word,
and nuance is being parsed
and magnified in a cynical
attempt to scare non-blacks into
a state of reticent acquiescence.

The left-wing lunatics
realize that their days are
numbered if they don’t find
a way to discredit the national
movement that is poised for
a landslide victory in November.

They feel that the best way
to accomplish that is to muzzle
people by twisting their words
until everything sounds racially

Something as innocuous as
“It’ll be a dark day in America
if ObamaCare is not stopped”
could be interpreted as a
reference to the man’s skin color.

It’s a smart tactic because
it restrains free speech and
keeps the opposition
on the defensive.

No decent person wants to
be characterized as a bigot.

So if such a charge is made,
the victim of the accusation
is forced to deny the slur and
lose sight of the message he
was trying to convey.

Since it’s impossible
to prove a negative,
the victim is often relegated
to a series of contrite utterances
where none should be needed.

While good people are wasting
time assuring the accusers that
they are pure of heart,
the issue that was germane to
the discussion has disintegrated
into a puff of fraudulent smoke.

The most potent weapon
in a democracy is free speech;
if we lose it because we were
conned into adopting a morbid
fear that our words are
tantamount to subliminal racism,
then tyranny is closer
than we think.

To quote our first president:
If free speech is taken away,
then dumb and silent
we may be led,
like sheep to the slaughter.”





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