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I Stand Against Tyranny – I Must Be Racist (Part ONE of THREE)






__-_may be
_.-closer than
___we think

____By Bob Weir

_______April 20th, 2010



-__Part ONE of THREE

When Barack Obama
was elected President
of the United States,
I experienced ambivalence
about a national election
result for the first
time in my life.

In every other presidential
election that ran counter
to my vote,
I felt that the winner didn’t
represent any advantage for
the future of the country.

When Jimmy Carter
beat Gerald Ford,
I braced myself for the liberal
climate about to descend on us.

When Clinton beat Bush 1,
it meant that the country was
willing to overlook the man’s
well-documented history of
immoral conduct,
which inevitably led
to national disgrace.

For me,
neither of these victors
provided anything salubrious
for the country’s future.

Although I voted
for John McCain,
and I believed that he was the
better leader for our country,
seeing the first African-American
become the nation’s chief
executive gave me the feeling
that we had finally crossed a
threshold in race relations.
After all,
with blacks representing
only about 12 percent
of the population,
a huge non-black turnout
was needed for a black
candidate to be elected.

Winning by a comfortable
margin seemed to make it
clear that Obama’s victory
could result in less vitriol
from race-baiters who had
enriched their bank accounts
by fulminating about the
country’s history of bigotry.
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we would no longer be
urged to view everything
through a prism
of pigmentation.






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