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Did Melissa Etheridge cheat on Tammy Lynn Michaels?




Melissa Ethridge

is mired in a nasty
lesbian cheating scandal,
according to Michael Glynn
and Rick Equsquiza,
reporting for the May 3rd
issue of The National Enquirer.

The star’s same sex wife”
of nearly seven years,
actress Tammy Lynn Michaels,
stormed out on the 48 year old
Grammy winner and took
their twins with her.

Tammy Lynn accused
Melissa of running around
behind her back.,

“Melissa is worried that
Tammy will punish her
by not allowing her to
see their kids,”.
revealed an insider.

A close disclosed
to The Enquirer,
“Tammy blew
up at Melissa,
and Melissa tried to
deflect the infidelity
accusations –
telling Tammy she
had no proof.”

“But she never
denied the cheating,
and that dicey situation –
coupled with Melissa
always being on tour and
not seeming to have enough
time for Tammy or the kids –
led to the nasty breakup.”

The couple exchanged
vows in Malibu in 2003,
but have been living in
separate residences
since November.

Melissa has not been
wearing her wedding
ring since December,
a source revealed.

Melissa shares joint custody
of two other children –
Bailey, 13,
and Beckett, 11 –
with her former
lover Julie Cypher,
who conceived with sperm
donated by singer
David Crosby.

Melissa legally adopted
her two kids with Julie.

The Enquirer source concluded,
“It’s become a blended
lesbian family mess.”





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  1. Please do not tell me this are you

  2. Well are you

  3. Are you busy

  4. This is really stupid,
    Melissa is a jerk,
    never liked her but had respect for her,
    she is one singer
    I am happy to boycott because she sucks.

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