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Dannii Minogue to wed





Australian pop star
Dannii Minogue
has confirmed she will
wed her boyfriend,
but only after their
baby is born –
because 2010 will be a
“hectic” year for the
happy couple,
WENN reports
April 29th, 2010.
The 38 year old has previously
said she’s too “scared” to walk
down the aisle after her failed
marriage to Nip/Tuck actor
Julian McMahon in the 1990s.
But Minogue admits her rugby
player boyfriend Kris Smith
will be the “perfect husband”
and they’re just waiting for the
right time to wed after they
welcome their first child
together later this year.
Dannii Minogue6d-4
She tells the Daily Mirror,
“He’ll be the perfect husband.
I couldn’t complain.
Most girls will (say),
‘Right, nail him down.'”
“We have talked about it,
but this year is just hectic,
it’s crazy.”

“So there’s nothing planned.
I’ll just be concentrating
on being a mum.”
“I never thought this
would happen to me.
It’s going to be such
a shock and a change.”











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