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Ann Coulter makes idiot Rachel Maddow look like an idiot – (vision makes Rachel Maddow look like an idiot)





Wouldn’t a Mini series
on Attila the Hun
Nancy Pelosi?

By Ann Coulter

________April 21st, 2010

Rachel Maddow’s
MSNBS special
on Timothy McVeigh this past
Monday night did not come
a moment too soon.

As Maddow explained in the
introduction to her show:
“Nine years after his execution,
we are left worrying that Timothy
McVeigh’s voice from the grave
echoes in the new rising tide of
American anti-government extremism.”

After months of hysterically

warning viewers that cheerful,
well-dressed tea partiers carrying
“I Can See November From My House”
signs could suddenly erupt
into wanton violence,
MSNBC finally had proof:
Timothy McVeigh.

How about a special on the

KGB to help us understand
what makes Henry Waxman tick?

We’re just trying to seek answers …

On her April 14 show,

Maddow gave a “War of the Worlds”
report on gun rights activists whom
she claimed were planning tributes
to Timothy McVeigh’s bombing
of a federal building
in Oklahoma City.

“On the anniversary of the bombing
of the federal building in Oklahoma
City by Timothy McVeigh,”
she said,
“there will be two marches
on Washington.”


After reminding viewers

that McVeigh was
“an anti-government extremist
with ties to the militia movement”
(his only “ties” being that he tried
to join the Michigan Militia,
but was rejected)
Maddow said one of the groups,
the Second Amendment March,
had “been holding armed
rallies at state capitols from
Kentucky to Montana to Virginia —
anti-government marches and
rallies at which participants are
encouraged to wear
and display their guns.”

So if I have this straight,
the pro-Second Amendment
marchers were both armed …
AND displaying guns!

Having received an “A plus”

from the Department of Redundancy
a deadly earnest Maddow continued:
“Also on the occasion of the
Oklahoma City bombing anniversary,”
there would be an Open Carry rally.


she said,
“are being encouraged to bring guns”
(you know,
just like the guns Timothy McVeigh
used to shoot up the federal building
in Oklahoma City).



April 19 is the anniversary
of the Oklahoma City bombing.

It’s also the anniversary of
Lexington and Concord.

Once upon a time,
the skirmish that sparked the
Revolutionary War was a date
that every schoolchild knew.

When British soldiers moved to
seize the gunpowder and arms
of voluntary militias,
armed citizens defended themselves,
firing upon the British in
“the shot heard ’round the world” —
as Ralph Waldo Emerson put
it in his “Concord Hymn.”

I wonder if the gun rights
activists chose April 19 for
their rallies because it was the
anniversary of Lexington and
Concord —
or because it was the anniversary
of Oklahoma City?

Unless the organizers of the

Second Amendment March
and the Open Carry rally
specifically told Rachel,
“Oh no, we picked April 19
to honor the bombing in
Oklahoma City —
gosh, we had no idea it was
date of Lexington and Concord!”,

I’m pretty sure they picked
April 19 because that was the
day armed patriots defended
themselves from British troops.

Maddow’s idiotic attempt to
ascribe the date of the gun rights
marches to Oklahoma City rather
than Lexington and Concord is
so Olbermanic that —
to paraphrase Truman Capote —
it is now apparent that you lose
a point of your IQ for every day
you spend at MSNBC.

We have enough U.S. history

by now that there’s not a day on
the calendar that isn’t the
anniversary of something.

In fact,
the very day that Maddow
was attacking gun rights groups
on her show — April 14 —
was the 235th anniversary of the
founding of the first anti-slavery
society in America!

It is also the anniversary of

an anti-war actor’s murder
of a crusading,
anti-slavery Republican president.

(In addition —
like I have to tell any of you —
it was National Restless Leg
Syndrome Awareness Day,
but I don’t think that had
anything to do with Rachel’s report.)

Oh sure,
Rachel may claim that she had
no idea what April 14 was the
anniversary of,
and that the date of her attack
on our constitutionally guaranteed
right to bear arms was just
a coincidence.

But given the long and ugly
history of gun control laws in
America being used to keep guns
out of the hands of free blacks,
it was a shockingly insensitive
date for Maddow to engage
in such extremist anti-gun rhetoric.

What’s curious about the left’s

current obsession with Timothy
McVeigh is that it proves that —
despite a frantic search for 15 years —
liberals have come across no better
evidence of burgeoning
“right-wing extremist” violence
than a drug-taking, self-described
“agnostic” who was thrown out
of the Michigan Militia and
who proclaimed,
“Science is my religion.”

That sounds more like

Bill Maher than Rush Limbaugh.




Rachel Maddow Idiot Link





8 Responses to “Ann Coulter makes idiot Rachel Maddow look like an idiot – (vision makes Rachel Maddow look like an idiot)”

  1. Ralph Machio er I mean Rachel Maddow is a complete tool.

  2. Ah, Rachel Maddow. One of the few cable news commentators with a shred of intelligence and integrity.

  3. […] MSNBC Hypocrisy Test (Rachel Maddow) Rachel Maddow at MSNBC makes an idiot of herself again Rachel Maddow looks like an idiot Rachel Maddow says Wisconsin is on track to have a budget surplus this year Idiot of the Week: […]

  4. What bothers me is not that Maddow is a demonstrated idiot, but that people will believe her when she stands in front of a bridge build by private enterprise proclaiming how only (big) government can build such bridges.
    After all, they saw and heard it on television.

    Let’s face it, if Maddow wasn’t a twofer (female and homosexual), she’d be working behind a desk at a storefront insurance office.

    Ann Coulter rocks!

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