You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Chris Brown and Larry King get the 22MOON Mind Reader treatment




What Larry

is thinking…

“Did I have my fiber?

What is up with
the kid’s bow tie?

If the next ex gets half
my dough do still pay
child support?

Kid’s Mom is hot!

Is she single?

Maybe hot dog
for lunch…

Did I just fart?
I hope that was
just a fart…

Check my
viagra stash..

I dreamed I
was a tricycle –
what the Hell
does that mean?

That babe Hendricks
on Mad Men makes
my monkey
climb the tree…

Did I fart again?

I could use a nap…

This kid is a whiner,
grow a pair…

Did I have my fiber?”

What Chris
is thinking…

“Must save my career!

“Money money where
the hell did my
money go!

“Media screwed me
over a bitch slap!

L.K. looks
like a mummy…

F— the fans for not
supporting me!

Something smells
like poop in here…”






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