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Barack “Saul Alinsky” Obama (Part TWO of THREE)






_and the

.cult of


By Richard Lawrence Poe

_.__November 26th, 2007


Hillary, Obama and the Cult of Alinsky

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.__Part TWO of THREE


Alinsky once boasted,

“I feel confident that I

could persuade a millionaire

on a Friday to subsidize a

revolution for Saturday out

of which he would make a

huge profit on Sunday even

though he was certain to

be executed on Monday.”



One Alinsky benefactor was

Wall Street investment banker

Eugene Meyer,

who served as Chairman of the

Federal Reserve from

1930 to 1933.

Meyer and his wife Agnes

co-owned The Washington Post.

They used their newspaper

to promote Alinsky.

Agnes Meyer personally

wrote a six-part series in 1945,


Alinsky’s work in Chicago slums.

Her series, called

The Orderly Revolution”,

made Alinsky famous.

President Truman

ordered 100 reprints of it.

During the Sixties,

Alinsky wielded tremendous

power behind the scenes.

When President Johnson launched

his War on Poverty in 1964,

Alinsky allies infiltrated

the program,

steering federal money

into Alinsky projects.


______________Sen. Ted Kennedy's car is pulled from the water at Edgartown, Mass., on July 19, 1969. Mary Jo Kopechne was killed after Kennedy drove his car off Dyke Bridge on Chappaquiddick Island.


In 1966,

Senator Robert Kennedy

allied himself with union

leader Cesar Chavez,

an Alinsky disciple.



Chavez had worked

ten years for Alinsky,

beginning in 1952.

Kennedy soon drifted

into Alinsky’s circle.

After race riots

shook Rochester,

New York,

Alinsky descended

on the city and began

pressuring Eastman-Kodak

to hire more blacks.

Kennedy supported

Alinsky’s shakedown.

The two men had an


Alinsky later wrote.



Alinsky’s crowning achievement

was his recruitment of a young

high school student named

Hillary Rodham.

She met Alinsky through

a radical church group.

Hillary wrote an analysis

of Alinsky’s methods

for her senior thesis at

Wellesley College.



They remained friends until

Alinsky’s death in 1972.

Alinsky tried to hire Hillary

as a community organizer,

but she chose instead to

attend Yale Law School.


Alinsky’s network continued

guiding Hillary’s career.



Fresh out of law school at age 26,

Hillary received a prestigious

appointment to the House Judiciary

Committee’s Watergate

investigative team in 1974.

She got the job on the

recommendation of Peter

and Marian Wright Edelman.

The Edelmans have been

trusted mentors of Hillary

since 1969.



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