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Obama the Saul Alinsky Secret Agent (Part ONE of THREE)




Swings at

By Frank Gaffney

___March 29th, 2010


__Part ONE of THREE

Now we know what

then-presidential candidate

Barack Obama meant when

he predicted on the campaign

trail that,

“We are going to

fundamentally change


His goal is to mutate every

one of the nation’s key

institutions, in both the

public and the private sectors,

in the service of a revolutionary,

even nihilistic,

agenda right out of the

playbook of Mr. Obama’s

ideological mentor,

Saul Alinsky.

Most voters in the 2008

elections were unaware that

the man they elected president

of the United States had spent

years working in and for

community activist organizations,

including ACORN,

that were created or

associated with Alinsky

one of the most radical

figures in American

political history.


They were ignorant

of what Alinsky sought

to do,

let alone what Barack

Obama might do

once in office.

Someone who was under

no illusion about either

point is David Horowitz,

who was himself a leading

radical in the 1970s but

broke with his former

comrades and became

one of the left’s most

knowledgeable and

effective critics.

He recently published

an excellent short

pamphlet entitled

“Barack Obama’s

Rules for Revolution:

The Alinsky Model.”

It has this chilling section:

Alinsky’s advice

can be summed up

in the following way.

Even though you are

at war with the system,

don’t confront it as

an opposing army;

join it and undermine

it as a fifth column

from within.

To achieve this

infiltration you

must work inside

the system for

the time being.

Alinsky spells out

exactly what this


in his book

‘Rules for


‘Any revolutionary

change must be

preceded by a passive,


non-challenging attitude

toward change among

the mass of our people.’

“In other words,

it is first necessary

to sell the people

on change itself,

the ‘audacity of hope,’

and ‘yes we can.’

You do this by

proposing moderate

changes which open

the door to your

radical agendas:


Once you organize

people around something

as commonly agreed

upon as pollution,

then an organized people

is on the move.

From there,

it’s a short and natural

step to political pollution,

to Pentagon pollution.’”








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