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Obama the Saul Akinsky Secret Agent (Part THREE of THREE)




Swings at

By Frank Gaffney

___March 29th, 2010



Gates and Mullen both

called the general’s letter


Mullen went further


As a three-star leader

in command,

by virtue of that position alone,

he has great influence.

“If there’s policy direction

that someone in uniform

disagrees with…

the answer is not advocacy,

it is in fact to vote

with your feet.”

In other words:

“Get out.

There is no place for

you in the Obama armed

forces if you support

the present law.”

Polls of U.S. military

personnel have indicated

that 10 percent of those

now in uniform will,

to use Mullen’s phrase,

vote with their feet if the

law is repealed.

Another 15 percent

responded that they

seriously would consider

doing so.

Needless to say,

the effect of such losses

of skilled officers and enlisted

servicemen and women

on an all-volunteer force

could be catastrophic,

especially for a nation at war.


The question occurs:

Is President Obama

deliberately seeking to

“fundamentally change”

the American military as

he has so many other of

our country’s institutions —

among them, the Congress,

the financial sector,

the automobile industry,

the healthcare system,

and student aid programs?

More to the point,

as with his mentor,

Saul Alinsky,

is the real purpose

to wreck these

entities that underpin

our economy, society,

and system of


During the weekend,

President Obama declared

in his tribute to American

troops at Bagram,


“I have no greater

honor than serving

as your commander

in chief.”

If he truly means that

and wants to support,

rather than undermine,

those who serve,

he should put an end to

social experimentation

with the armed forces.

And that is what the

rest of us must do if,

as is evidently the case,

Mr. Obama remains intent —

such rhetoric to the

contrary notwithstanding —

on pursuing a wrecking

operation against

our military.

___Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

___is president of the Center

___for Security Policy and

___host of the nationally

___syndicated program,

___Secure Freedom Radio.









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