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Television Hates The Tea Party Movement (Part ONE of THREE)






How ABC, CBS and NBC
Have Dismissed and
.-_Disparaged the
.Tea Party Movement

____April ,15th, 2010

Media Research Center


_Part ONE of THREE

_Links are in GREEN

The Tea Party movement

launched one year ago,

in response to the

unprecedented expansion

of government by

President Barack Obama

and congressional liberals,

a massive increase in

spending that will create

economy-crushing fiscal

burdens for future

generations of taxpayers.


In that relatively brief period,

the Tea Party has demonstrated

it is a formidable political force.

The pressure the movement

brought to bear at the grassroots

level put liberals on the defensive

for much of the health care debate,

and nearly succeeded in torpedoing

the entire scheme in spite of

Democrats’ overwhelming

congressional majorities.

And Tea Party activists proved

decisive in a string of electoral

defeats for liberals,

culminating in Republican Scott

Brown’s victory in the special

election to succeed Ted Kennedy

in the U.S. Senate.

So how have the supposedly

objective media covered one

of the biggest political

stories in recent years?

MRC analysts reviewed

every mention of the Tea Party

on the ABC, CBS and NBC

morning and evening newscasts,

Sunday talk shows,

and ABC’s Nightline from

February 19, 2009

(when CNBC contributor

Rick Santelli first suggested

throwing a “Tea Party” to

protest government takeovers)

through March 31, 2010.

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Obama Officials Against Free Speech by maksim maksimovich.







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