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Fascist Left Plots to Discredit The Tea Party



Freedom_Fighters_No15_DC15 Plaza Signs 15


Obama Zombies
who hate and fear Free Speech
are openly bragging how they
will infiltrate Tea Party rallies.

Quoted from their own website,
the Obama Brownshirts call
Tea Party members

“That loose
affiliation of racists,
and morons:
who constitute the
fake grass-roots
movement which
calls itself
“The Tea Party.”

To read more of their
insulting propaganda,
I have included a link
to their hate filled
Saul Alinsky inspired
site below in GREEN.



“If you tell a big enough lie
and tell it frequently enough,
it will be believed.
Adolph Hitler

“The victor will never be
asked if he told the truth.”
Adolph Hitler

“It is not truth that matters,
but victory.”
Adolph Hitler

“The great masses of the
people will more easily fall
victims to a big lie than
to a small one.”
Adolph Hitler

“What good fortune for
governments that the
people do not think.”
Adolph Hitler



_Saul Alinsky links in GREEN






Obama Officials Against Free Speech by maksim maksimovich.

A teacher started the
“Crash the Tea Party” website according to
Sean Hannity.


How to Smash the Crash
.-link below in GREEN




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