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Tea Party compared to KKK by Obama Lapdog MSNBC



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Tea Party



to KKK


___April 6th, 2010


Rachel Maddow compares tea party attendees to KKK


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow

blasted former Rep. Tom

Tancredo’s opening speech

at the National Tea Party

Convention last night,

then directed her own brand

of off-color criticism right

at the event’s attendees.




“People who could not

even spell the word vote,

or say it in English,

put a committed socialist

ideologue in the White House.

His name is

Barack Hussein Obama,”

Tancredo said,

to some applause.

The remarks left Maddow

fuming for what she perceived

as their apparent xenophobic


She went on to explain

that the crowd’s reaction

was barely audible not

because some attendees

didn’t laugh,

but because their

amusement was

“sort of a little bit muffled

by the white hoods.”



Link to Rachel’s Tea Party tantrum


Rachel Maddow compares

tea party attendees to KKK


Speaking of unfair speculation,

Maddow may be stepping up

her rhetoric in a bid for attention

after January’s television ratings

came in recently.


who drew just 876,000 viewers,

was soundly bested in the 9 p.m.

slot by Hannity

(2.88 million viewers)

and CNN’s Larry King Live

(930,000 viewers).

And rumors abound that fellow

far-left  MSNBC host Keith

Olbermann will soon

be out of work.





That some should be rich,

shows that others may

become rich, and,


is just encouragement

to industry and enterprise.”


_______Abe Lincoln






MSNBC Obama’s Lapdog LINK

Emperor Obama





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