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Thank Goodness for Obama




Thank goodness for Obama,

now we truly see what

The Democratic Party

is all about.

Power at any price,
winning at any cost.

Getting ObamaCare passed,
no matter how many bribes
had to be paid.

No matter how many rules
had to be bent.

No matter how the will of
the people was ignored.

The Democratic Party
of today is not the
Democratic party of JFK
who cut taxes.

The Democratic Party of today
quakes in fear of an Alaskan
housewife who holds no
political office.

The Democratic Party of today
smears and slanders all who
disagree with their ideas and ideals –
because they have neither the brains
or balls to debate the issues but must
rather resort to name calling and
character destruction.

The Democratic Party of today
whines and cries “foul”
when any dare stand up to their
“We Are So Much Wiser Than You”
oppressive nanny state leadership.

The Democrat Party of today
can not exist without a Lapdog
Mainstream Media holding their
hand and propping them up.

The Democratic Party of today
fear all voices who are not in 
lockstep with their utopian ideals,
even when their leadership
fails again and again when
they are allowed to hold office.

The Democratic Party of today
claim to be “Liberal” when
they are out in the open
fascists who can tolerate no
one standing against them.

Do you Real Americans
want these people in charge
of your healthcare,
your children’s education,
your lives?

We on the Right do not fear
debating Lefties nor do we
cringe from their name calling.

That their side lives in
mortal fear of Glenn Beck
and an Alaskan housewife
shows how weak and craven
their side really is.

Afraid of ideas
different from their own.

Afraid of debating the issues.

Afraid of The Tea Party.

Does Baby want it’s
Government bottle…

-_Rash Manly





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