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Che Guevara Marxist Murderer (Part TWO of FIVE)








By John Suarez

__December 11th, 2008

Che Guevara’s Dubious Legacy

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_Part TWO of FIVE

Che published influential manuals

Guerrilla Warfare (1961)


Guerrilla Warfare: A Method (1963),

which were based on his own

experiences and partly chairman

Mao Zedong’s writings.

Guevara stated that revolution

in Latin America must come

through insurgent forces developed

in rural areas with peasant support.




His international legacy of

glorifying violence through an

erroneous analysis of guerilla warfare,

based on his experiences

with the Batista army,

which was too incompetent

and corrupt to fight,

and applying Zedong’s writings

on the subject

led to bloodbaths

in Argentina,


El Salvador,





and decades of military

dictatorship and political


Nevertheless it could

have been worse.



Che was killed in 1967

in the jungles of Bolivia.

Another disciple of Mao Zedong

who adapted his theories

was Pol Pot,

who unlike Che achieved

power in 1975 after a long

guerilla struggle in Cambodia.

He carried out a

radical revolution modeled

after Mao and ended by killing

25% of the entire population

of his country: Cambodia.

Children in Cuba beginning

at age 5 are taught to chant

We will be like Che!

every Friday at school.

They are taught to be like the

man who saw people as material

to be molded and shaped in

Guevaras own words:

To build communism,

you must build new men

as well as the new

economic base.

Hence it is very important

to choose correctly the

instrument for mobilizing

the masses.


this instrument must be

moral in character,

without neglecting,


a correct utilization of

the material stimulus-

especially of a

social character.”




One method of material

stimulus was the firing squad.

Che Guevara personally carried out

hundreds of executions and issued

even more death warrants.

According to

journalist Luis Ortega,

who knew him,

Che sent

1,897 men to the firing squad.

The consequences of building violent,


and cold killing machines is that

these means lead to tragic ends

that continue the cycle of

violence and bloodshed.








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